RFID cooperation meeting with Taiwan delegation, Grenoble, sept 13 2006

Meeting agenda

INRIA overview by Marc Barret, Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer

ObjectWeb overview by François Letellier, ObjectWeb Executive Director
The ObjectWeb Consortium is an open source software community aiming at developing component-based middleware for large scale distributed systems.

Taiwan RFID Initiative by Dr. Jimmy Li
Dr. Jimmy Li is the Deputy Director of Initiative Office for Government RFID Applications of Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan and serves as an advisor to Institute of Information Industry, a key IT research institute in Taiwan and technology think tank to Taiwan government. In these capacities, Dr. Li is assisting Taiwan government to define the strategic development plan for the emerging RFID industry, and initiate government RFID applications to stimulate applications in private sectors. Dr. Li is also leading an R&D team to develop an integrated software platform to facilitate future RFID-enabled application development and integrations. He is also building a comprehensive integration laboratory and solution promotion center for RFID technology testing, development and integration.

ObjectWeb RFID Middleware initiative and SensorBean project by Didier Donsez, LSR Adele and INRIA Sardes research team
Distributed infrastructure for SensorBased Services (SBS) based on OSGi, J2EE and web services

Research activities on ubiquitous networking by Claude Castelluccia, INRIA Planete research team
Security in infrastructure-less and constrained networks; scalable group communications; impact of heterogeneity on protocol performance; Internet measurement and resource localization; analysis of peer to peer protocols dynamics.
Slides: RFID-INRIA-Planete.pdf

Research activities of POPS research team by David Simplot-Ryl, INRIA POPS
Sensor and mobile ad hoc networks, mobile and distributed computing, embedded operating systems, smart objects, RFID technologies.
Slides: RFID-inria-Pops-and-Ares.pdf

Research activities of Ares research team by Stéphane Ubeda, INRIA Ares
Deployment of services on radio networks architectures, in ad hoc or wireless LAN mode, organized around fixed infrastructure, or using both combinations. The different issues to address concern the interoperability of different systems and protocols, as well as the optimization of radio, networks and systems resources while deploying and using any service.
Slides: RFID-inria-Pops-and-Ares.pdf

Research activities of CEA Leti lab by Huges Metras, CEA