Scope of the RFID initiative

The goal of the RFID initiative (RFIDi) is to foster reuse of ObjectWeb middleware in the domain of RFID.

The RFID initiative is based on the following key principles :

  • foster the adoption of open-source technology and open standards in the industry and public administration,
  • contribute to the growth of an ecosystem that may bring business opportunities to industry stakeholders,
  • structure the initiative as a re-usable process with publication of the underlying principles and processes,
  • promote alternative ways of thinking with a publication of real-world use-cases and corresponing IT solutions,
  • share technical expertise, identify technology commons and define best practices that leverage the reuse of open-source components.
The discussions within the RFID initiative gives rise to the publishing of their results under the copyleft method, every participants being the co-author of those publications. The leader of the initiative proposes thinking and action plans.